In 1950 Ruth El-Saadawi deciphered how some human brains worked in pre-historic times. In sense8 episode Obligate Mutualisms, Chrome says, “… that BPO (Biologic Preservation Organization) founder, Ruth El-Saadawi, believed homo sapien & homo sensorium to be obligate mutualisms, dependent on one another for survival, but …”

They have been holistic, they need no speech and ~ they are still here.  They are – to use a modern term – Ident-Units and ALTs. They can have a system or a mesh body. Maybe one is next to you, maybe you are one of them ~ secretly? I counted them in The Book – Not a book as Bug would say. It is THE BOOK. The Book is like water in the desert. In The Book is stated that over 60,000 homo sensates are concurrent online, on weekends over 150,000 – and this just in one server! Some of them get in The Book life, an endless life.

sense8 is based on this … the rediscovery of them, the Sensates, … and this … and that.


Never heard of Ident-Units and ALTs? The Glossary in Not Sand, Not Sound says about Ident-Units and ALTs:

Ident-Units ~ Used in Fassbinder’s World on a Wire. UUID for an Avatar is one of the modern terms for them.

ALT ~ Stands for Alternate. Often a second or third identity. Check out the UUID.

And about UUID you find:

UUID ~ Universal Identifier. Makes an item unique. Explained in The Gods of Informatics.

Maybe you are a synesthe, means words and letters generate colors in your mind. Find it out at Synthesia. Also a good choice is The Journey of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton.

You heard that there is a world where there is no air and all that works there is to sign messages. A fair question so you shall know what is the impact when it comes to NO AIR in Not Sand, Not Sound.

The question in the chapter is: “What if Avatars are in a world where there is no air?”

Same goes for brains when their no speech just thoughts and a drift. The scientific word of this is SENSATE which leads to Homo Sensate. In sense8 they created Homo Sensorium to avoid to pay to the author of Not Sand, Not Sound the royalties he would else claim. Same reason why they did not take the color Blue as superior. Again science was outbid by entertainment. It is all Blue around you? Then a must to read the book. You will understand that all you need is Blue and … but that’s a secret only the barman inside the book will tell you. It is how to mix an Eraserhead.

Let me bring you another fact of Science. Why the barman is the most important man on earth and beyond? It is stated in the Glossary:


Barman ~ The most important job on earth beyond the Admin of a server. Tell this to your kids if they want to become an Astronaut. Maybe if you have a girl, just offer Admin and point to Gina. Gina is superior. This glossary is far from being sexist.

You shake head? You are a historian and all that counts for you is proof by the old guys, like Descartes. You are right. History is all that counts to understand the future. That’s why the book is written in 2047. You will learn about history from the future. No excuse for you not to buy it.

Is there more?

The human brain has more to offer as SAND. The author of The Book knows it all. He is in brain research, in informatics and in the arts. The book therefore offers also Water …

and it offers links … 

so you find some truth behind the absurd.